Doorpad Hanging Notepad

Doorpad Hanging Notepad

I rely a lot on post-its to leave messages to my flatmates when I have to leave the apartment early and they’re all still asleep. The Doorpad Hanging Notepad seems like a pretty neat way to do it, considering that it’s the first thing people grab a hold of to leave their rooms. The Switch Notes comes in at a close second too, because the light switch is one more thing that people will definitely reach out for when they enter a room.

If you think about it, the two notepads are pretty similar; the only different is that the Switch Notes have adhesives like those on post-its. You won’t need any glue though with the Doorpad Hanging Notepad, because its shape allows it to be hooked on to the doorknob or any other hookable surface where you’d want to leave your note on. When the reminder is no longer needed or when the message has been received, just tear the first page off to reveal a fresh sheet.

Doorpad Hanging Notepad

Hang these “Do not forget!” notepads from your door knobs or handles and they’ll help remind you of everything you need to do every time you open or close a door.

They’re designed to look like those little “Do not disturb” signs used in hotels, only in this case the message reads “Do not forget!”, and these Doorpad Hanging Notepads will help make sure you won’t.

Plus, the notepad’s surface is lined, to help you can write more neatly, that way your lists will be much clearer and you won’t get dizzy every time you try to read a line.

The Doorpad Hanging Notepad is available from Curiosite for $11.23.

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