Switch Notes

Light Switch Reminder Notes

This quirky sticky note has a purpose that’s in line with the Karlsson Wall Clock Pure White BoardSwitch Notes are handy and brightly-colored sticky notes that are meant to be stuck over the light switch. This makes it noticeable (in an odd way) because the light switch is definitely one of the first and last things that a person looks for once he or she enters and leaves the room.

If you have the habit of leaving around notes for your flatmates or family, then these Switch Notes are the way to go. Nothing is more frustrating than getting home at the end of the day to find plans fall apart because someone you made plans with didn’t get your note.

They’re so quirky and oddly functional that I can’t help but wonder why someone didn’t come up with them sooner.

Switch Notes

Switch Notes

As is always the case, the simplest things often have the most cultural impact: the paper clip, Nirvana, sliced bread, The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Sticky notes have already become a staple part of any stationery cupboard, as a result of their simplicity, but with Switch Notes they just might do it all over again. A pad of sticky notes with a hole in the middle, just the right size to fix to a traditional light switch. There is even a small lip at the top to store your pencil behind. If it wasn’t for paninis we would vote Switch Notes the best things since sliced bread.

The Switch Notes are available via Suck UK for £7.50.

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