DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer

DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer

Are you looking for a cooking timer that can do more things at time than you? This DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer not only looks like a mini oven with stove tops, it also has five different timers that can run simultaneously. This makes cooking that big 5 course meal a lot easier.  Track each course separately and add a minute or 5 to each timer with the quick +1 and +5 buttons.  This timer makes a great gift for the cook in your family and its sure to help keep the meals from being overcooked.

DoneRight Multiple Digital Kitchen Timer

DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer

Each of the five timers on the DoneRight Kitchen Timer is controlled by three buttons: a +5 minute button, a +1 minute button, and a Start/Stop button.  The DoneRight Timer is so easy to use that you won’t probably even need instructions. But, here’s a little more detail for you irrational people who want to know how something works before you purchase it.

  • +5 minute button: Adds 5 minutes to the timer.
  • +1 minute button: Adds 1 minute to the timer. So, you need to set the timer for 13 minutes? Press the +5 minute button twice and the +1 minute button thrice. Or, if you’re zany, press the +1 minute button thrice-teen times.
  • Start/Stop button: Press to start your timer. You can also press this button to pause the timer. Press and hold to reset. When the timer is beeping or flashing, press the Start/Stop button to turn off.
  • Dimensions: 3.75″ x 4.5″ x 3.25″
  • Five individually controllable timers
  • Timer sounds and light flashes when ready
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • On/off switch

You can purchase this DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer at Vat19 for $24.95.  Don’t forget about these other cool kitchen gifts for the cook in your family: OCD Cutting Board and Upside Down Apron with Cooking Guide.

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