Child Piloted Tumbler

Child Piloted Tumbler

Just in case you don’t think your kids are destructive enough, you can now put them in the Child Piloted Tumbler and watch the neighborhood chaos ramp up to near apocalyptic proportions.

Okay, maybe letting the little ones roll around in an inflatable honeycomb structure won’t herald the end of the world, but it’s sure to provide laughs for both spectators and ‘pilot.’

Batman Tumbler

Batman's Tumbler

The Tumbler (not to be confused with Batman’s ride) is made of heavy-duty 1/8-inch-thick PVC, with 30 hexagonal chambers forming the round(ish) shape. Ten transparent chambers provide plenty of visibility, letting the now extremely mobile tyke to avoid obstacles and home in on his or her target with ease. This ride isn’t just for the little ones either because it supports up to 100lbs. Go ahead and hit the scale real quick to see if you qualify for the role of pilot. I’ll wait.

In addition to providing the ability to turn people into living, breathing bowling pins, this yellow globe of destruction is also a good form of exercise because it’s powered and steered by the pilot’s shifting body weight.

Child Piloted Tumbler:

  • Inflates by mouth or with pump (not included).
  • Ages 3 and up.
  • 47″ diameter. (7 lbs.)

Put a little rolling terror into your summer with the Child Piloted Tumbler for $79.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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