Minecraft Steve or Creeper Heads

Minecraft Mask

If you or your kids are hopelessly hooked on Minecraft, the Minecraft Steve or Creeper Heads make an easy Halloween costume choice this year. Never mind that we’re only in Spring right now. It never hurts to get ahead of the game. Besides, everyone will have fun running around wearing the heads, bumping into things, from now all the way until October.

It’s a really good time for pixels. Now that we’re living in such a high-definition age, we’re able to appreciate big clusters of pixels more than ever. However, Minecraft celebrates pixels by taking us back to the 80’s, going back to simple graphics when everyone else is going the other way. (That’s thinking outside the square.)

Minecraft Steve Head

Steve Head
Countless hours of Minecraft tend to blur line between reality and voxels. Toss one of these Steve heads on your melon and pay close attention to the reactions you receive. If you see someone staring at you, rubbing their bloodshot eyes in disbelief, they probably just got off a 16 hour mining bender.

Creeper Head
“That’s a nice everything you have there. It’d be a shame if something happened to it…” This is the line that you have to memorize so that you can appropriately portray the role of the Creeper after donning this mask. Of course, also work on hissing for long periods of time. It helps if you have the ability to randomly spawn in poorly-lit areas. Actually, that’s a cool ability to have under any circumstances.

Minecraft Creeper Head

When you wear the Minecraft Steve or Creeper Heads, you may want to cut a small hole in the mouth so you can feed yourself a pack of Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps. You can hope ThinkGeek really does sell those soon.

Go to J!NX to buy your Minecraft Steve Head or Creeper Head for $19.99 each. They’ve also got much more Minecraft gear, including the Minecraft Periodic Table T-Shirt.

UPDATE November 2012: The Minecraft Masks are now available at ThinkGeek.com.


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