Human Bowling Ball

Human Bowling Ball

Ever go bowling and be on such a winning streak that it almost feels like you’re the ball? That feeling takes on a whole new dimension when you actually become a Human Bowling Ball.

Bowling is fun but the downside is it basically becomes a spectator sport as soon as the ball leaves your fingertips, unless you actually believe all those funky hip gyrations actually have something to do with the direction the ball goes in. This inflatable, outdoor version of the game gives you a little more control of the ball… by putting your kid in the center of it.

Just have your little bowler step into the transparent PVC ball and make his (or her) way down the alley to the six 5-foot-tall pins to claim another strike, or a split, depending on their talent with this game. The ball is 7-feet in diameter and closes with a simple zipper, making it easy to open the thing up and swap places with the next bowler in line. A stationary air blower keeps the 3-foot-high lane bumpers constantly inflated to optimal firmness, making sure your living sports equipment doesn’t get too far off track as they try to become the next human bowling ball champion.

The rip- and tear-resistant vinyl construction withstands years of play, and it resists mold and fading. The only downside is it’s for ages 5-12, because I know a ton of adults that would consider this to be excellent weekend fun. Still, there has to be some entertainment value in rounding up the neighborhood kids and letting them be your bowling ball. That way, you get all the laughs and they get all the work.

Start your own unique bowling alley with the Human Bowling Ball for $4500 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  1. Omg …this looks like so…much fun I would definitely..
    Break up into teams ..have one in the ball and one push the ball.. then take turns ..looks like a lot of fun 😍

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