Blik Pac-Man Wall Decals

Blik Pac-Man Ghost Wall Decals

At GeekAlerts we love retro arcade gaming, as well as cool home decor. That’s why we love these brand-new Blik Pac-Man Wall Decals. They come in 3 varieties: Pac-Man Ghost (picture above, and my favorite), Pac-Man Border (an 8″ tall border to run across your wall), and Pac-Man Maze (looks like a screenshot of the classic arcade game, but you can place the ghosts and other objects where you want.)

Blik Pac-Man Maze Wall Decals
Retro arcade gaming wall decals are nothing new for Blik. We also love their past products including Asteroids, Centipede, and Super Mario Brothers wall stickers. Their Re-Stik technology is great, allowing you to move and reuse these wall decals without damaging your walls. This means you can use them in offices, dorm rooms, and apartments, and take them with you when you move to use at your new place. You can also frequently move them around without surface damage from removing them, so that your room always has a different look to it.

Blik Pac-Man Border Wall Stickers

Pacman Ghost

  • Dimensions: Various
  • Pieces: 75

In this PAC-MAN wall decal, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde quickly roam the maze while trying to catch PAC-MAN. Watch out for Inky, he’s unpredictable and his random movements make him dangerous! All PAC-MAN wall decals are official NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc licensed products.

Blik Pacman Wall Stickers

Pacman Maze

  • Dimensions: 39″ x 50″
  • Pieces: 254

Save your quarters and bring home a virtual screen shot of the most successful coin operated game of all time. All PAC-MAN wall decals are official NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc licensed products.

Giant Pacman Wall Decals

Pacman Border

  • Dimensions: 8″ x 38″
  • Pieces: 3

Let PAC-MAN dash around the border of your walls in search of bonus cherries, strawberries and melons. Just don’t forget to help him keep an eye out for those pesky ghosts. All PAC-MAN wall decals are official NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc licensed products.

Blik Pacman Arcade Wall Stickers

Order all these Pacman Wall Decals from Pac-Man Ghost is $45, Pac-Man Maze is $75, and Pac-Man Border is $40. Look for them at as well.

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