Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer

Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer

Want to boil perfect eggs? My mother used to know just the right temperature the water should be boiling at and the exact amount of time to boil them to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs: slightly runny on the inside but hard on the outside. Well, the Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer can help you with that.

Now, we all have probably different perceptions of the “perfect” egg. The Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer was prepared for that; it comes set with three different times that you’re supposed to keep your eggs boiling, depending with what you want to end up with. It’s not a regular timer either. No loud ringing or bells here because when the time is up, all you’ll hear is sweet music.

Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer

Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer

“BeepEgg” is a yellow singing egg timer that will help you boil eggs exactly right and, also, while it soaks in the pan, it’ll delight you with musical compositions attuned to your mood.
Put it in the pan, along with the eggs you want to cook, and it will indicate when the egg is done by singing these songs.

  • When you hear the mythical “Killing me Softly” in its polytone version, you’ll know the egg is soft-boiled.
  • If you like your eggs a little firmer, you’ll have to wait to hear the tune to “I Wish I Was a Hen”
  • Those of you who like your eggs hard boiled will have to be more patient, but the moment will be triumphal and glorious thanks to the apocalyptic theme from “Carmina Burana”.

The Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer is available from Curiosite for $28.53.

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