Tommy Gun Egg Fryer

Tommy Gun Egg Fryer

Cook up a fun breakfast every morning with the Tommy Gun Egg Fryer. It’s a stainless steel egg fryer that will let you fry up some eggs in the shape of a gun. You can also cook up a plethora of other shapes like hearts with the I Love You Egg Fryer and a mustache with the Mustache Egg Fryer.

And although these shaped molds are called “egg fryers,” you can actually use them to cut out and shape cookies, jelly, and all sorts of other food that can be molded.

Tommy Gun Egg Fryer

Cooking Eggs is a tough and wily endeavor so make sure you’re packing a punch. Whip out the Tommy Gun and start showing them Eggs who’s boss. They’ll crumble like biscuits when you lay down the heat. This gnarly stainless steel Egg Fryer mold is super fun to use and will ensure those kids eat their Eggs. You can even use it to cut cookies, jello, and crooks.

The Tommy Gun Egg Fryer is available from for $6.99.

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