Tommy Gun Purse

Most women’s purses are plain and squarish and not very scary. The Tommy Gun Purse however, will make others take notice. They might think that you are getting ready to rob the place, but still, that’s better than no attention at all. You will be […]

Glass Tommy Gun Vase

Glass Tommy Gun Vase

Vases that take inspiration from guns are a whole lot more common than you think. Maybe it’s combining something so tough and garish to something as dainty as something that holds flowers, or maybe that’s just what’s in these days. Place your freshly-picked flowers from […]

Tommy Gun Egg Fryer

Tommy Gun Egg Fryer

Cook up a fun breakfast every morning with the Tommy Gun Egg Fryer. It’s a stainless steel egg fryer that will let you fry up some eggs in the shape of a gun. You can also cook up a plethora of other shapes like hearts […]

Motorized Tommy 20

Tommy 20

What do you get when you combine a Nerf gun with a Tommy gun? The Tommy 20. This foam dart-firing weapon is modeled after the old Tommy gun that gangsters like Al Capone used to use.