Alien Toilet Paper

Alien Toilet Paper

I recently saw Katy Perry’s music video to her song E.T., which was a collaborating between her and Kanye West. Can I just say she looked totally smokin’ in a weird, alien sort of way? That kind of got me thinking a lot about all things extraterrestrial, which eventually leads to something out-of-this-world to wipe your tush with in the toilet: Alien Toilet Paper.

This is more of a novelty than something you’d constantly order to put in your bathroom. It might cost a few dollars more than plain old tissue paper, but at least it might motivate little Ben or little Susie to never leave the toilet without grabbing some alien tissue to wipe down their soiled bottoms first (sounds gross, I know, but yes, kids actually do this sometimes. Trust me, I know.)

Alien Toilet Paper

Aliens have been spotted in your bathroom and they’re offering you a wipe that’s out of this world. You can make contact often and without fear because these aliens are here to kiss your cheeks not probe you inappropriately.  These are the kind of Alien abductions that we appreciate and look forward to. There’s a sense of common understanding with these extra terrestrials. Prepare for contact and a swift delivery to your leader.  One roll per package.- Approximately 50 wipes per roll.

The Alien Toilet Paper is available for $6.99 from Out of this world!

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  1. I don’t think that you would want that circling Uranus

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