1GB Video Recording Spy Pen

Spy Pocket Video Recorder Pen

This silver ballpoint pen works an a USB drive and allows you to secretly – if the size of the pen won’t blow your cover, that is – record video in AVI format.


  • Work as a USB drive (no driver needed)
  • Colour video recording
  • Length Size: 15 cm, Diameter: 1.5 cm
  • Format: AVI video format, 640 x 480 pixels
  • Internal Memory: 1GB
  • Video file size: >500KB per min
  • Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
  • Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
  • Built-in rechargable Battery type : Lithium-ion
  • Record time : up to 5 hours
  • Battery use time : about 3 hours

Spy Pocket Video Recorder Pen

The Spy Pocket Video Recorder Pen ($118) is available at Gadget Brando.

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7 Responses to “1GB Video Recording Spy Pen”

  1. USB seems to be in every single gadgets nowadays…

  2. The size is an unfortunate giveaway. It would be rather risky :/

  3. Yes, Marcel – I agree. The size of the pen looks a bit too suspicious.

  4. Nowadays you can get 8GB spy pen for storing even more data.

  5. Thanks a nice spy pen, 1GB is a little small for me though.

  6. I get one pen camera yesterday. But the recorded video run only 55seconds, then struck. But the audio sound will till last. I did not know what is the problem. May help me anyone. Please…..

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