ZombieBurbz iPad Game

If you are looking for a fun new iPad game, check out the ZombieBurbz iPad Game. When you are alive it’s all about keeping up with the Joneses, but for Zombies it’s all about fighting off zombie-hating Joneses.

This AppGear game is sure to be a fun way to kill some time. You can find and use traps and weapons to fight off humans. For instance, you can trap them with a stash-o’-cash and then attack them with burps and snotballs. What human can resist cash? None of them.

The zombie figures interact with the app, and as you play you will unlock new storylines and missions. For once you don’t kill the Zombie, you are the Zombie.


ZombieBurbz iPad Game

  • In this game, battle the zombie-hating Joneses in the suburbs
  • Collectible zombie figures interact with the app
  • Packs are selected randomly (different characters with four different sets)
  • The deluxe zombie figure unlocks a unique storyline and missions
  • Set traps, fight off angry humans, eat garbage (these are weird zombies)
  • Includes: 3 collectible zombie figures, 1 deluxe zombie figure, Storage ring for deluxe zombie, Quick start guide

This awesome game is just $9.99 from Thinkgeek.

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