Zombie Blind Box Voodoo Dolls

Zombie Blind Box Voodoo Dolls

Since today marks the end of the world for many of you, maybe you should get rid of that unlucky rabbits foot and go with the Zombie Blind Box Voodoo Dolls….At least you’ll look cool when the zombies eat you.

Each 2.5 inch string voodoo doll comes with its own cord so you can easily attach it to your keychain. Who knows, maybe these little guys will help save your life when the real zombies attack.

Zombie Voodoo Dolls

Mmm…Brains! Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite…much! I’m just a little zombie. We may be a mindless bunch, but we are extremely loyal. Take me home today and I will protect you.

  • Which one will you get? It’s a surprise!
  • Approximately 2 1/2″ tall

You can purchase the Zombie Blind Box Voodoo Dolls at Hot Topic for $3.50 each. Similar ones are available at Amazon.com in bulk for $11.75.

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