Zombie Attack Hoodie

Zombie Attack Hoodie

When the zombies take over the world, things are going to get rough for us breathers and blending in will be one of the best ways to insure survival. The Zombie Attack Hoodie will help you blend in and stay warm at the same time.

Looking prim and proper will be fast-track to becoming zombie chow when the walking dead take over so you’ll want to make sure to show off as much blood and bone as possible for camouflage without actually maiming yourself… because running could be a pain in the butt if your spine was actually exposed.’

Zombie Attack Hoodie Rear View

Fortunately, this hoodie offers all the bloody carnage you could need to pass a visual inspection from roaming zombies. There are plenty of tears and blood splatter to show the fight didn’t go in your favor, especially with that nasty gash in your back and exposed brain on your head. Shhh… it’s actually the hood but don’t let the rotters know that. There’s even a bite mark on the sleeve to show that you’re just another member of the undead family.

A few words of caution – Don’t wash the 100% full-zip hoodie in warm water or dry it on hot. Instead, turn it inside out and wash in cold before tumble drying on low. Also, make sure to speak up when you approach people that are still alive because it could really ruin your day if you survived a zombie uprising just to get blown away by a fellow survivor because they thought you were a zombie.

Prepare for the end with the Zombie Attack Hoodie for $59.99 from ThinkGeek.

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