Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game

Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game

Sometimes, it would be nice to know what the future has in store for us, and it would be great if we didn’t have to shell out money to go a carnival or arcade just to find out our fortune. Luckily, the Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game can provide insight into tomorrow without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game 2The animatronic fortune-teller, sporting a detailed mustache and one heckuva goatee, is decked out in a gold head wrap, gold shirt, paisley vest, and jewelry. He’s encased in a solid, wheeled cabinet of oak with birch veneers, finished in gold-and black-painted trim, and is surrounded by three panes of tempered glass.

The mighty and farseeing Zoltar will acknowledge your presence and invite you to approach him… and of course you will because you want him to share his wisdom with you, right? After you insert a quarter, the mage will nod his head and wave his hand over his glowing crystal ball, and then speak one of 16 different fortunes while dispensing one of 23 different printed fortunes in the form of a paper card. Best of all, you can get your quarter out of the coin box so you can feel smug in unlocking the secrets of the universe without spending any money at all.

Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game

  • 2,000 fortune cards are included.
  • The manufacturer has confirmed that this item meets U.S. Federal toy safety standards for lead.
  • 77″ H x 27″ W x 25″ D. (225 lbs.)

The Zoltar Fortune-Telling Game can be yours for $9,000. It’s available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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