ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes

Zemgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes

Ninja move so swiftly and with such agility that it’s hard to actually see that they’ve got special footwear on. The proper shoes for ninja are called “jika tabi,” which have a split in between the big toe and the four little toes. The purpose of the split is to improve one’s balance and to have a better grip of the ground. If you want to start running like a stealth ninja, then wearing a pair of ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes is step one. 

Besides giving you the ultimate ninja look, ZEM 360s are perfect for those who don’t like wearing shoes but sometimes must. At 2.5 ounces, the shoes are lightweight and let your feet and toes move more freely (to better climb walls and do handsprings), and they protect the soles of your feet from stepping on painful things like sharp rocks or the cold ground. They’re also convenient because they’re slip-on and can be thrown on in a flash.

Ninja shoes

ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes
Let your 360 do its magic: when you first slip into it – give it 5-15 minutes to get to know your foot. Allow it to warm up and mold to your individual foot shape. Our experience shows that within a few minutes your foot embraces the new barefoot feeling to the fullest. As you engage in your activities in the 360 you will make it truly yours as time goes on.

  • Running – Training – Conditioning – Gym Work Outs – Beach Activities – Cross Fit – Clubbing – Office – Travel – Backpacking – Vibration Training – Life
  • Ideal for Roads and Light Trails, Beaches and Sand, Grass, Wood, Treadmills & Gym flooring, Work-out Mats, Indoor Flooring
  • Ideal for barefoot running and training activities
  • Unobstructed sensory feedback during all activities
  • Maximal foot freedom
  • Strengthens the natural arch and reconditions feet
  • Proprioception improves balance and heights awareness
  • Barefoot activities and exercise can help manage and mitigate stress and body fatigue

Some ZEMgear 360 consumers complained about the looks people have given them when they’ve worn their ZEMs out in public. But for us geeks, comfort and practicality usually triumph over aesthetics. We’re pretty good at ignoring gawkers anyway. Besides, ninjas can’t be bothered by negative opinions when they’re out there kicking butt.

The ZEM 360s actually have some swag points with their bright red treads on the outer sole of the Black model. Also, the thin, grey stripes give off this cool, pinstripe-suit-wearing-gangster vibe. If you choose the Black/Lime model, you get lime-green treads and electric lime-green lines that zigzag across your foot and intersect the grey stripes. These give off a vibe of being fast and modern.

ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes are available in select sizes and styles at Amazon.com for under $60.

You may also like Vibram FiveFingers Athletic Shoes. They’re not ninja shoes, but they’re all about increasing agility and balance.

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