Lomography Spinner 360

Lomography Spinner 360

Are you the type of person that relishes the opportunity to control your own artistic expression when you get the chance? For all its positives, technology sure has a few major flaws…It doesn’t allow us to take part in the fun. Well, at least one company out there knows how to have self-expressing fun and they want you to join in on the action.

You probably remember Lomography and all the cool analog cameras GeekAlerts has shown you over the last few years; well, here’s another one that you are going to need to add to your collection. The Lomography Spinner 360° allows you to capture 360° view photos with 35mm film with ease. Just pull the cord and hold the camera as it spins and captures the world’s beauty around you.

Spinner 360

Go beyond the confines of standard panoramas with the Lomography Spinner 360°! Just hold the camera in one hand, pull the cord with the other and release it. In one split second, the camera spins 360 degrees on its own axis, capturing every detail around you on 35mm film – The result is a super-wide angle image, 4x longer than a standard landscape photo!

Lomography Spinner 360 Degrees Camera

  • Easily Shoot 360° Panoramas – Create up to 8 full 360° panoramas on a standard 36-exposure 35mm film – Just pull the ripcord to shoot!
  • Use All 35mm Film – Can be processed in any photo lab
  • Fully Manual Controls – Rubber band drive + fully manual controls (no batteries required)
  • Manual Long Exposures – Manually keep the shutter open by rotating the camera by hand
  • Sunny/Cloudy Aperture Settings – Easy to use aperture controls; just switch the Spinner to ‘Sunny’ (f/16) on bright days and ‘Cloudy’ (f/8) on dull days.
  • Built-In Spirit Level and Tripod Mount – Keep your shots straight with the Spinner’s built-in spirit level and by attaching the camera to a tripod.
  • Horizonal View Angles: 360°; Vertical View Angles: 66°
  • Shutter Speed: Relative shutter speed equivalent 1/125s ~ 1/250s , slow speed manually

You can can purchase the Lomography Spinner 360° Camera at Lomography for $99.

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