Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Maker

A lot of young parents that I know prefer to prepare their own baby food and ice cream. This way they know exactly what’s going into the treats that their offspring will eventually consume later on. If you and your partner are huge health buffs but still want to give your kids fun and yummy treats to eat, then you should definitely get either the Mugz Ice Cream Maker or this Yogurt Maker.

There are a lot of microorganisms in each jar of yogurt and these aren’t organisms that you can simply grow without a starter; so you will need a jar of plain yogurt to start off your batch. Just pour milk into the jars, add your desired flavors, ingredients, and fruits, then put in a spoonful of yogurt, cover the machine, and wait for around 8-10 hours before you can start serving up some good ol’ homemade yogurt.

Yogurt Maker Snack Machine

Yogurt Maker

Just pour milk (make sure it’s at room temperature and not cold) in the glass jars and deal out a spoonful of natural yogurt among the 7 jars. Remember you don’t have to cover the jars, but you do have to cover the yogurt maker.

Now all you have to do is plug it in, press the ON button, and wait a few hours (between 8 and 10) before enjoying this delicious homemade yogurt.

Once the yogurts are ready, they’ll keep in the fridge (with the lid on) for up to 8 days, so it’s worth waiting a few hours because you’ll have enough yogurt to last all week.

The Yogurt Maker is available from Curiosite for $35.54.

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