Wonder Woman Sword Wrist Cuff

Wonder Woman Sword Wrist Cuff

Although it won’t deflect bullets and wouldn’t be effective as a weapon, this Wonder Woman Sword Wrist Cuff still might be confiscated by the TSA if you try to wear it through airport security. Although maybe because it looks so good they want it for themselves, rather than any genuine safety concern.

This sword wrist cuff isn’t meant to be a replica of the much bulkier Bracelets of Submission that Wonder Woman famously uses to deflect bullets. Instead, it’s a much sleeker bracelet that looks like it is formed by a mini version of her sword. In fact, though quite small it has many details from the hilt to the markings along the blade that make it unmistakable for Wonder Woman’s “god killer” sword.

This cuff won’t deflect bullets, but it sure does look good! The Wonder Woman sword wrist cuff is a metal, cuff-style bracelet that allows you to pay homage to your favorite heroine with elegance.

The bracelet measures 3 x 2.25 inches and has a 1.5 inch opening. It’s designed to look like a sword, with a distinguished hilt and a mysterious description along the sword’s “blade.”

Buy the Wonder Woman Sword Wrist Cuff for $21.99 at SuperHeroStuff.

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