VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin

VW iPhone Vinyl Skin

My smart aleck cousin made a funny observation. He noticed that the ‘Occupy’ activists he’d seen were out occupying public places and using their iPhones, which happen to come from one of the most capitalistic companies on the planet. Seeing the VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin reminded me that yeah, it might’ve once been cool to be a hippie but reality check; we’re not living in the 60’s anymore and thus we just have to move on.

Change the look on your iPhone 4 by giving it a skin makeover. These vinyl skins will make your iPhone 4 stand out from the rest. This is a “V-Dov” iPhone 4 skin.

  • Removes easily with no residue
  • Removable/Reusable
  • High Quality Vinyl
  • Can be placed on any smooth surface

A nice marriage of yesterday and today is what’s happening here with the VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin. You can still appreciate VW’s eccentricity while embracing mainstream technology and you won’t look too much like a hypocrite. The skin shows the distinguishable front hood of a red VW T1 Camper Van, a people mover anybody would love to occupy.

Speaking of which, the LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van is my ultimate favorite set. Just look at all the detail that went into it in this Time Lapse Build video.

Protect your phone from scratches and give it some German style with the red VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin, available at Etsy.com for $10…You can get it in Blue also.

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