Camper Bus Toaster

VW Camper Bus Toaster

This VW Camper Bus Toaster will be the perfect addition to your camper bus, even if you will get crumbs all over your interior. It comes in a gift box for gift giving too. This is the hippest toaster you can buy that matches your […]


VW Camper Van Mugs

Fans of camper vans will love this Set of Four VW Camper Van Mugs. Some things are timeless and these hippie vans are still popular. They just have fewer hippies in them these days. These mugs are stylish and made of ceramic. You get them […]

Camper Van Birdhouse

VW Camper Van Birdhouse

Fans of VW Camper vans who also like birds will want to check out this Camper Van Birdhouse. It will make seed-eating hippies out of all your fine feathered friends. You might as well, you already have the LEGO set and the iPhone skin. Your […]

VW iPhone Vinyl Skin

VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin

My smart aleck cousin made a funny observation. He noticed that the ‘Occupy’ activists he’d seen were out occupying public places and using their iPhones, which happen to come from one of the most capitalistic companies on the planet. Seeing the VW iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin reminded me that […]

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

You have to love those old Volkswagen camper vans. They are such a vehicle of their time and they transported countless hippies to countless love-fests and festivals. And now LEGO is honoring the vehicle with this LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van set.