WipeCoin iPhone Case

WipeCoin iPhone 4 Clean Case

Touchscreen devices like your iPhone make life a whole lot easier. Typing, navigating, and performing other basic tasks was never easy, because all you have to do is tap or flick and you’re done. The downside, though, is the bevy of thumb marks and smudges that are left after a day’s work.

I usually just use my shirt to wipe my iPhone’s screen, especially after a phone call. It’s not the best cleaning solution, but it’ll have to do until I get home and break out the microfiber cloth. You could use some other random cloth, or you could just go for the WipeCoin iPhone Case.

This case is different for the reason that it’s more than just a case to protect the body of your device from scratches. Rather, it also does your screen a whole lot of good. You’ll notice there’s a tiny coin-shaped protrusion at the bottom part of the case. Well, that’s actually a tiny microfiber-coated cleaning pad that you can use to wipe your screen clean the right way.

You can get the WipeCoin iPhone Case from Amazon for $19.95.

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