Custom Camper Pencil Holder

Custom Camper Pencil Holder

When it came to school and doing my homework, I was never the happy camper. I hated having to do math, write papers and essays on topics that I didn’t think were relevant in the real world (I soon learned that i did learn some important stuff.) If you’ve got a kid who just can’t seem to keep his or her head on the scholastic matters at hand, then maybe the Custom Camper Pencil Holder can help them to get into the mood.

It’s not just a little desk accessory that can help clean up the study table–but it’s also an interactive desk tidy that can be decorated and personalized as you please with the enclosed sheet of stickers. Take on the Custom Camper project with your child and bond over creating something that’s going to be useful and functional afterwards.

Custom Camper Desk Tidy Personalized Desk Tidy

Custom Camper Pencil Holder

If you’re reasonably good at arts and craft, you can build this cute camper van in just a few minutes. Forget all those unwieldy tools for DIY addicts, all you need are your own hands and a good dose of creativity.

First you’ll have to punch the camper van drawing out from the card it comes printed on. There’s no need to use scissors or glue.
Once you’ve punched the figure out, gently fold the tabs so it’s easier to fit them in the slots. Each tab has a large letter printed on it to indicate which slot it goes in, so you won’t get them mixed up.

Once the camper van is ready, it’s time to customize it. The kit includes a set of stickers so you can turn each pencil holder into an exclusive design. The sticker kit contains windows, different sized wheels, rear-view mirrors, windshield wipers, lights and other accessories you can use to customize your Custom Camper.

The Custom Camper Pencil Holder is available from Curiosite for $18.36 and at for £4.95.

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