Viteo Outdoor Shower

Viteo Outdoor Shower Pad

It’s okay to run through the sprinkler as a kid but the neighbors might give you funny looks if you do it as an adult. However, you can still relive those fun times with the Viteo Outdoor Shower because you can explain that it’s an outdoor shower and not a sprinkler.

So, what’s the difference? Well, aside from the size and the fact that the base is stationary, there really isn’t a difference between this shower and a lawn sprinkler. They both attach to a garden hose, and they both shoot water into the air. About the only difference is that you don’t have to worry about those weird looks from the neighbors.

Will it matter if you dart through the water instead of just standing there? Yep! Darting through it will be lots more fun, but its use as a shower has some positive points too, letting you rinse off the debris after doing work in the yard or rinsing off the chlorine after taking a dunk in the pool.

You can get the Viteo Shower at for €625/$813.12.

(Via Red Ferret)

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