VisionRacer D-Box VR3

VisionRacer D-Box VR3

You’ve got the killer games and you possess the mad skillz, but can you really enjoy a racing game while kicking back in the EZ-Boy or one of those weird game chairs? Feel the action as you squeeze around those hairpin curves with the VisionRacer D-Box VR3.

This shiny, little racing simulator is as close as you can get to the real deal without actually grabbing a ride on the pole position at NASCAR. Plop down in the adjustable, state of the art racing chair that’s mounted to a precision crafted aluminum CNC-cut motion platform. Now you’re looking all kinds of tough, but it’s the D-Box motion actuators and KAI Control that will really have you feeling like a Gaming God.

VisionRacer D-Box VR3 Racing Simulator

D-BOX Motion Code uses motion effects to let you feel every bump, curve, rattle, and swerve from a variety of games, with titles that include Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, iRacing, DCS: Black Shark, X-Plane, and Battlefield 2.

VisionRacer D-Box VR3 Racing Simulator:

  • Unique, patented D-Box Motion CodeTM Technology
  • Developed by race/rally engineers and gamers
  • D-Box KAI Gaming Controller 4 actuator system (2 front 2 rear)
  • All the necessary installation discs are provided on delivery
  • Compatible with a PC running Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Supported games
  • Once the D-Box is installed, motion codes for the games can be downloaded
  • 1x VisionRacer VR3 Rig Gear Shifter Mount
  • 1x Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel with T500 RS Base and Pedals
  • 1x D-Box KAI Gaming Controller rig
  • Installation discs

Get ready for the ultimate racing game experience with the VisionRacer D-Box VR3 for £13,899 (€16262/$21682.) Inquire at

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