Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

Touchscreens are just now becoming the popular thing but the idea of actually having to touch a screen is already becoming outdated because of the Leap Motion Controller.

When it comes to computers, there’s a lot of touching involved. You have to put your hands on the keyboard, the mouse, even the screen to accomplish anything, but there’s a new tech toy entering the neighborhood that makes the air in front of you the control panel.

With this tiny little gadget connected to your computer via USB, you can “do everything without touching anything.”

You might’ve seen our first mention of this touch-free device last year but both the price and the release date have changed since then.

Leap Motion Controller for Computers

Leap Motion Controller

  • The Leap Motion Controller tracks all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter. It’s up to 200 times more sensitive than existing motion-control technology. That’s how you can draw or paint mini masterpieces inside a one-inch cube.
  • It’s a super-wide 150° field of view and a Z-axis for depth. That means you can move your hands in 3D, just like you do in the real world. With Leap Motion apps, you can reach out and grab objects. Move them around. Even change your perspective.
  • The Leap Motion Controller knows the difference between your fingers. It can tell an index from a pinky from a thumb and when you switch between them. It even understands when you bend, flip, or fold your hands.

Put all that empty air between you and the computer to good use. The Leap Motion Controller will be available May 13, 2013 but it can be pre-ordered now for $79.99 at LeapMotion.com.


  1. This seems to be a fantastic new system to control your computer.
    Several months ago I placed a pre-order and I wonder, if this is still valid ? How can I find out ? Otherwise I might order and pay double.

    Please advise.

    kind regards

    • According to their website, any orders placed before February 27 will be charged the original price of $69.99. Orders after that date will pay the new $79.99 price.

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