Victorinox iPad Holder Knife Block

Victorinox Knife Block

This Victorinox iPad Holder Knife Block is perfect for your kitchen. If you use your iPad in the kitchen for recipes, this is the perfect place for it. Well protected and close to the knives where you are doing all of that work preparing your meal.

The built-in shelf stores your tablet, eBook, or cookbook conveniently where you can see it. The swivel base easily rotates so you can select knives or view recipes.

It has slots to store your paring knife, utility, santoku, chef’s knife, slicer, honing steel, kitchen shears and 6 steak knives. Only $49.99 from

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  1. They also have a new knife with which one of the blades is a flash drive. Victorinox AG, was founded in the town of Ibach, canton of Schwyz, country of Switzerland in 1884 as a maker of commercial cutlery. In 1891 the Company began delivering knives to the Swiss Army, and in 1909 adopted its now famous “Swiss Army” logo/emblem – a white cross within a red shield. Today, Victorinox is still headquartered in Ibach, and prides itself on never having laid off even one employee for economic reasons in 129 years. Going high tech now.

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