Veniamin Human Slinky Costume

Veniamin Human Slinky Costume

If you’ve got a million bucks to throw around and want to go for a change in profession, then here’s something you might want to look at: the Veniamin Human Slinky Costume. It’s crazy how a costume that makes you look like a slinky could cost so much, but the company behind it is throwing in some performance rights along with the deal so you can use the costume in performances. But still, $1,000,000 for that is still pretty steep.

But at least a part of that amount is going to charity; to the American Cancer Society, to be exact. The Veniamin Human Slinky Costume is listed on eBay and has so far had around 19 offers, all of which have been declined.

Veniamin Human Slinky Costume

Veniamin Human Slinky Costume

This bidding is for the Human Slinky costume and Five Years Permission to perform this act on stage around the World under Agreement or you can buy and wear this costume lifetime for Halloween and private parties.

Veniamin Human Slinky: The most unusual, astonishing, unique and creative act of its kind in the world featured in the world oddities book “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!: Prepare to Be Shocked!”, winner award Best Variety Act 2008 at the Hollywood Best New Talent Awards. People ask… what is it? What are we watching? Everywhere are completely astonished and baffled at the act.

The Veniamin Human Slinky Costume can be purchased from Veniamin’s eBay listing for $1,000,000. You can also choose to make an offer for the costume.


  1. This is original idea of Mummenschanz company and they sold it to Cirque du Soleil show OVO. Veniamin stole this idea and claim his own, he threatening artists and organizations with e-mails and abusive phone calls, writing complaints on facebook, youtube, he is very dishonest person. Really stay away from him, all artistic community is aware of this guy, he doesn’t have good job offers and artists simply doesn’t want to deal with him

  2. This guy is a joke, but evil joke, he stole idea from company Mummenschanz and started to threatening artists with his demands, claiming it is his rights and idea, some artists even lost jobs because of that id.iot. So stay away from this so called “artist” he is actually very unpopular and has no job offers, at least some Karma find him

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