USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse

USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse

Once a standard computer accessory, the humble mouse is becoming an antique with touchscreens now being the fashionable thing but some people still prefer the convenience of not having to constantly reach up to touch a screen, which is why it’s great the USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse exists.

This version of a mouse is what happens if you were to take a mouse and smash it flat with a hammer.

Okay, not really. In reality, the mouse would shatter in a bajillion pieces, but the point is this mouse is flat, and that makes it easy to transport with your laptop. Also, it has more tricks up its sleeve than just controlling a cursor.

In addition to standard mouse functions, the touch pad also has a numeric keypad, holds shortcuts for the cut, copy, and paste functions, and even lets you zoom in and scroll.

Along with the black version (pictured above), the touch pad mouse is also available in white.

USB Touch Pad Mouse

The USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse is available for $61.74 at GeekStuff4U. (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

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