USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse

Once a standard computer accessory, the humble mouse is becoming an antique with touchscreens now being the fashionable thing but some people still prefer the convenience of not having to constantly reach up to touch a screen, which is why it’s great the USB Numeric […]


Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S

Some gadgets are fun to have simply because they exist. They’re a way for people to say they could do something differently, but this way is much more fun. Take the Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S for example. Could you just use a lint-free rag […]


Mega Cockroach

When you see a cockroach your normal reaction may be to step on it, but when your friends see this Mega Cockroach they will want to run. I can’t say I blame them. This giant insect is perfect for pranks, or if you just want […]

R2-D2 Mug with Lid

R2-D2 Coffee Mug

By now we should have droids bringing us our own coffee, but since we don’t, here’s the next best thing. The R2-D2 Coffee Mug. If you can’t have a droid of your own, at least you can drink from one. R2-D2. You know him and […]