Ulo Owl Surveillance Camera

Ulo Owl Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras make you feel a little safer but they’re not very exciting because they just sit there. However, the Ulo Owl Surveillance Camera adds a little life and fun to keeping things secure with a little owl that displays emotion.

Safety gets cute with this little guy with the expressive eyes. He’ll keep an eye on things while you’re away, allowing you to use live-streaming or snapshots to see what’s going when you’re not there. Adding a little fun to things are the ways Ulo communicates. For example:

  • When the battery is low (under 10%) Ulo is tired
  • Ulo blinks when you take a snapshot
  • Its eyes follow your movements
  • Ulo squints when someone is watching live video

You can even program additional emotions like getting grumpy when it rains or having his eyes turn red if the pollen count goes above 6.

Ulo Owl Surveillance Camera 1

The Ulo Owl Surveillance Camera will be available November 2016 but it can be pre-ordered now for $185.03 at Mu Design.

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