Twiggy Snowman Christmas Ornament

Twiggy Snowman Christmas Ornament

One highlight of the holiday season is when the entire family comes together on the second week of December to put up the tree and decorate it. My mom has collected a lot of ornaments and baubles over the years, but I’m betting she still doesn’t have one that even comes close to the Twiggy Snowman Christmas Ornament.

This particular bauble isn’t filled with sweet treats like the Jelly Belly Christmas Ornaments, nor is it something that can creep people out like the TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament, but it’s unique in its own way. (And yes, it’s meant to look like a snowman and not some weird, distended light bulb, in case you were thinking it.)

Twiggy Snowman Christmas OrnamentTwiggy Snowman Christmas Bauble

Crafted in bone china, no two Twiggy Snowmen are the same because they feature real twigs as arms. If this quality bauble doesn’t melt your heart we can only assume you’re sitting there counting your pennies as you prepare to slash Bob Cratchit’s bonus. Bah!

Yes, we realize it looks a bit like a light bulb with arms but if you’re a collector of stylish monochrome decorations or just looking for a special bauble to take pride of place on your tree, look no further.

The Twiggy Snowman Christmas Ornament is available from Firebox for £14.99.

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