World’s Most Travel-Friendly Keyboard

Kee4 Keyboard

The new and revolutionary Kee4 product might just be the most travel-friendly keyboard out there, but that doesn’t make it the most user-friendly typing device. Anyway, it’s ultra-tiny, cool and so far only a prototype.

The Kee4 keyboard has two parts, a base with the four keys and a small pouch for the thumb. When typing, the thumb is inserted in the pouch and holds the keyboard in place, so that the four fingers rest comfortably on the four keys. Each finger has its dedicated key and never has to move away from it or from key to key.

Here is a video clip that shows the Kee4 keyboard in action:

Using our patented technology, characters are generated by pressing either a single key or a combination of two keys in what is called a composite keystroke. A composite keystroke is performed by pressing two keys in a predefined order and then releasing them in a predefined order.

Kee4 Keyboard

Travel-Friendly Keyboard

  • Operated by one hand
  • It has only 4 keys
  • It is truly portable – ideal for smart phones, MIDs, tablets and wearable computing
  • Allows effortless, fast typing
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support
  • No additional software or drivers necessary

Head over to the official website for more information about the Kee4 keyboard.

(InventorSpot via OhGizmo)

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