Luxeed LED Keyboard – Available Worldwide

Luxeed LED Keyboard

Remember that cool looking Korean LED keyboard from Luxeed that we wrote about last year? The product, which previously was hard to get outside of Korea, is now available with worldwide shipping from the ThinkGeek website.

With 430 LEDs the Luxeed is capable of individually lighting each key in your choice of color. What’s more it can do some amazing tricks like an animated rainbow across all the keys, or make each key light when you press it. You get four “preset” buttons above the arrow keys you can use to instantly choose between different customizable lit skin presets.

Here’s a new video demonstration of the Luxeed keyboard:

Pick your Luxeed flavor of black or white. The keys of the white Luxeed have a semi-transparent look and light up more brightly than the black. However the black Luxeed has a stylish treatment with only the letters being illuminated.

Luxeed LED Keyboard

Luxeed LED Keyboard

  • Amazing illuminated keyboard features 430 LEDs and can dynamically change the color of each key
  • Set each key to any color, or turn the light off on that key
  • Create custom illuminated key layouts and quickly switch between them with 4 preset buttons
  • Save key layouts on your hard drive and recall them later
  • Features animated rainbow effect, or animated random key colors
  • “Spark” mode allows keys to illuminate only when pressed
  • Keypad Connects to Keyboard with included cable
  • Keypad does not illuminate, only the full Keyboard
  • Standard USB connection
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 15″ x 7.5″ x 1″
  • Keypad Dimensions: 4.25″ x 7.5″ x 1″
  • Software Requires Windows XP or Vista (The Luxeed can function on other OS such as Mac or Linux as a regular USB keyboard, but the keys will not light up.)

The Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard is available for $199.99. There’s also the option to get a blck or white numeric keypad for an extra $34.99.

(Via Geeky Gadgets and Technabob)


  1. Wow, I like that keyboard. I wish to get one. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in a computer shop here in Philippines.

  2. What ThinkGeek site does not tell you is that they do NOT currently sell the keypad. I found that out the hard way.

  3. hey. i saw videos on the internet where people could animate the keyboard to do whatever animation that they wanted. how can i do this?video would be nice 😀

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