Tjiller Beer Chiller

Tjiller Beer Chiller

Summer is here and that means chugging your drink fast because your ‘cold one’ won’t be cold for long, unless you have the Tjiller Beer Chiller.

Let’s face it. The temperature of your drink starts rising as soon as you pull it out of the cooler, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy the first few ice-cold sips, but then end up making a face as you choke down the last few lukewarm drops… and some drinks don’t do lukewarm very well. I know I’ve personally offered the remaining contents of a can to Mother Earth on numerous occasions as some weird type of summer sacrifice. Now, the ground will have to remain parched a little longer because the Tjiller keeps drinks icy cool for up to 5 hours.

This is one of those items that makes you slap your forehead and wonder why someone didn’t come out with this thing sooner. A polystyrene outer shell insulates an inner-layer of gel that can be cooled to very low temperatures, with an aluminum membrane slowly releasing the cold from the gel. To insure that your drinks stay nice and cold, all you have to do is put the Tjiller in the freezer overnight. It can also work as an ice cream maker by pouring in the ice cream mix and stirring until it’s ready, although that idea brings back all kinds of nasty flashbacks of when I tried my hand at making ice cream the old-fashioned way. That’s a whole lot of stirring, so I think I’ll just stick with using it to keep drinks cold.

You can get chilly with the Tjiller Beer Chiller for $14.19 at


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