Time Machine Clock

Time Machine Clock

Maybe you have already seen the awesome Time Machine Clock, it’s been around a while. If not, please take your time to check it out. It’s quite unique and it’s now back in stock over at Gadgets.dk.

To indicate the current time, this timepiece uses small steel balls and three ramps; hours (1-12), five minute intervals (0-55) and single minutes (0-4). At the very top there’s a dial which will give you the seconds.

Each minute, the rotating ball-carrier arm carries a small steel ball from the storage ramp in the back up to the top ramp. From there, the ball rolls into the one-minute, five-minute or hours chute. Watching this thing go from 12:59 to 1:00 is the coolest!

Here’s a short video demonstration of the Time Machine Clock:

The clock comes with a transparent acrylic display case for dust cover and is battery operated with an AC adapter jack (it uses 6 x C batteries).

Time Machine Gadget Clock

Time Machine Clock

  • Indicates hours, minutes and seconds
  • 32 chrome balls included
  • Precision movement transfers a chrome ball every 60 seconds
  • Transparent acrylic display case
  • Ball transfer arm
  • One of the most unique time pieces ever made
  • Completely assembled and ready to run
  • Supplied in attractive gift box
  • Full instructions included
  • Size: Time Machine Clock H 20.3cm x W 27.3cm x D 16.2cm

You can get it from Gadgets.dk for 399 DKK (about $72 USD). (Update: Link removed because the page is gone.)


  1. I have had one of these since the late 1970’s, slightly different but basically the same, though mine is only mains power operation. It is the most accurate clock I have ever had and is still running after I assembled it from the kit something like 35 years ago.
    I would love to obtain another identical one. My brother christened it “Bowling Alley.”

  2. scusate dove lo posso conprare in modo che spenda solo gli euro?

    mi servirebbe entro il 1 maggio 2011 perchè un mio amico conpie gli anni proprio quel giorno

    grazie mille ciao diego

  3. I have a ball clock, bought it in Brazil and took it to South Africa.
    Plugged it in an “poof” it went. Apparently the 110v did not like the 220v we used. Now I am searching again after 10 years, for either a 220v motor and fittings, or a 110v motor that I can use in a 60Hz required field.

    Can someone please (!) direct me to someone who can help?

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