Threadless $9.99 T-Shirt Sale

Threadless $9.99 T-Shirt Sale

I love Geeky T-Shirts, but paying $20 or more for a tee just doesn’t seem right. Fortunately, you can stock up on geek shirts at the right price during the Threadless $9.99 T-Shirt Sale. Hurry though, because this 48 hour sale already started yesterday, and will end at 10AM CT on 6/27/2012 (extended to 6/29/2012). If you buy enough, you can even take advantage of free shipping with orders of $100 or more.

It’s really easy to save, as no Threadless promo code is necessary. Just shop at Threadless Tees and you’ll see the price automatically marked down while the sale is on. Just browse the site to find designs you like, or continue on here for some neat ideas.

Renaissance T-shirt

They have tons of cool designs to choose from, such as this Renaissance T-shirt.

What Would MacGuyver Do T-shirt

You’ve probably seen those WWJD bracelets. However, most geeks and engineers don’t ask “What Would Jesus Do?” so they need to have WWMD bracelets…you know, M for MacGuyver, as in these What Would MacGuyver Do T-shirts.

The Deep T-shirt

Swimming with sharks is a lot of fun, provided they are a relatively docile species such as Blacktip Reef Sharks. Break out some bloody fish to feed them, and you create a scene very similar to that in The Deep T-shirt, except the sharks are smaller (at 4-5 feet long) compared to the giants pictured on the tee. If you do spot a Great White, or even a Whitetip Reed Shark, you better toss your chum and get out of the water.

Homework Evidence T-shirt

Sometimes the dog eats your homework, but teachers never believe it. This Homework Evidence T-shirt can be proof that it really isn’t your fault that you don’t have your homework.

Browse GeekAlerts for more ideas of Threadless Tees to buy during this sale.

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