The Daily Mood Flipchart

The Daily Mood Flipchart

Work is tough and the sometimes we just wish everyone could understand how we are feeling.  The Daily Mood Flipchart with its 47 different mood descriptions, lets you flip to the page representing how you feel that day.  Now when coworkers come by your desk, they can get a-heads-up to what kind of mood you are in that day.  Maybe they invite to the office party, or maybe they avoid you if they feel the mood isn’t right.  This flipchart also gives neat little facts about each mood.  Hopefully this purchase will put you in a “good” mood.

The Daily Mood Flipchart
fair warning for your co-workers

Some days the office is like a tea party, other days it’s a lions’ den. That’s why The Daily Mood is a crucial desk-top accessory! It spells out everyone’s demeanor in no uncertain terms. There are 47 moods to choose from, each with its own smiley along with a snarky definition, fascinating facts, and sample sentences. It’s lo-tech “social networking” fun. Individual peggable giftboxes.

You can purchase this Fred & Friends novelty gift at from $8.90.  Use the Valkee Brain Stimulation Headset to help put you in  a better mood after a long work day.

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