Text Time Statement Clock

Text Time Statement Clock

While plenty of clocks offer cool designs, most show time in one of two ways. Analog clocks have the big and little hands that rotate around the dial and digital clocks just use numbers to display the time. This Text Time Statement Clock is much more unique in that it displays the time using words just like you would say the current time to someone else.

This Text Time Statement Clock would go great in an office and would be a terrific conversation piece because it is quite unique. Although it is eyecatching, it also would match nicely with most decor in your choice of black or bamboo finish. While it is sleek and modern in style, it also has a retro flair because it uses flip tiles, like the old-school alarm clocks that were popular before LCD displays became commonplace.

Black Text Time Statement Clock Bamboo Text Time Statement Clock

When you look at the dial of an ordinary clock, your brain transforms numbers and symbols into words and meaning without a second thought. But this eye-catching timepiece skips a step, displaying the hours and minutes in conversational English. That short-circuiting of the expected adds a little buzz of delight that transforms this clock into a conversation starter and functional work of art. The display changes with old-fashioned flip tiles, which adds retro charm to the contemporary look. Its large size and handsome bamboo frame make it a visual focal point on a desk or mantle, or hung on the wall.

Available in your choice of Black or Bamboo, this Text Time Statement Clock is $300 at Uncommon Goods.

This isn’t the first clock we’ve featured on GeekAlerts that uses words instead of hands or numbers to tell the time. Other examples include the Digitless Clock, QLOCKTWO Clock, and LED Word Clock.

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