TARDIS Prime T-Shirt


The Doctor’s iconic blue box is already pretty awesome because it can travel anywhere through time and space, but the TARDIS Prime T-Shirt offers a unique mash-up with the Transformers that shows just how much more awesome the seemingly-normal police box could be.

Imagine if, centuries ago, a lone Transformer left Cybertron and ended up on Gallifrey… and then after camouflaging itself as a TARDIS, it was stolen by a certain Time Lord that was looking to explore the universe. It’s a reality that exists within the confines of this t-shirt, which features a TARDIS transforming into a figure that looks a lot like Optimus Prime. However, this Prime is cooler because he’s wearing a bow tie.

Taardis Prime Shirt

Get ready to travel from one end of time to the other in a time machine that is more than meets the eye with the TARDIS Prime T-Shirt for $15-$17 at Graphic Lab Tees.

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