Slo Bowl

Slo-Bowl Dog Food Bowl

As pet owners know, dogs have a habit of eating way too fast, which isn’t good for them. The Slo-Bowl can help slow your dog down and reduce bloat, regurgitation, even obesity. This special slo-bowl holds up to two cups of dry food. Slowing your […]


Superman 16oz Pet Bowl

Make your dog a super dog by serving him food in this Superman 16oz Pet Bowl. Your dog should show his appreciation for DC comics just like you do right? At last, now your dog can have geek things too. This 7.5″ diameter by 2.25″ […]


Hulk Fist Pull Toy

Your dog is going to love wrestling with the hulk using this Hulk Fist Pull Toy. Your dog will love playing tug of war with awesome toy that looks like the Hulk’s hand. This toy is machine-washable and the handle helps you hang on tight. […]


Catnip Caves

Cats love catnip. In fact, they go crazy for it and act like it is crack. It’s fun to watch. So these Catnip Caves are pretty awesome. When your cat interacts with the bag it releases catnip and drives your cat nuts. Your cat will […]


Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Dogs like to think they are people sometimes. And eating a nice treat from a Pez Dog Treat Dispenser will really please your dog. He sees you doing it so he just wants to join in on the fun. This giant PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser […]


GoDog Plush Zombiez

If you are looking to train your dog for the zombie apocalypse, check out these neat GoDog Plush Zombiez. They are a great way to teach Fido to tear zombies apart. These dog chew toys have a flat body with no stuffing and a crunchy […]


Cat Shell Pet Bed

Cats are born thinking that the world is their oyster and they’re the exotic pearls inside. Many owners buy into their theory and would probably love for their beloved felines to take sweet cat naps in the Cat Shell Pet Bed. Another fascinating thing about cats […]


Cat Exercise Wheel

Move over Hamster Race Car, cats are stealing the show. The Cat Exercise Wheel is basically a hamster wheel made for cats. It allows your furry felines to get the exercise they need no matter where you live. As you can see from the videos […]

The Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack

The Quack Dog Muzzle

Do you have a dog that needs a muzzle every now and then? Well big or small, GeekAlerts has the perfect muzzle for your dog. The Quack Dog Muzzle ensures that your dog looks good, if you like ducks, when he/she needs to be muzzled. […]