Cat Shell Pet Bed

Cat Shell by Oppo

Cats are born thinking that the world is their oyster and they’re the exotic pearls inside. Many owners buy into their theory and would probably love for their beloved felines to take sweet cat naps in the Cat Shell Pet Bed.

Another fascinating thing about cats is how they love to fit into tight spaces; the more cramped the better. Leave a box out in the open and you’ll either find your furball comfortably nestled inside of it, or you’ll find the box shredded to pieces. This cat shell bed provides a dark, cozy cavern for your buddy for prime feline real estate.

The Cat Shell by Oppo

  • Version: single or double “shell”
  • Size: 404 x 394 x 141mm (15.9 x 15.5 x 5.6″) (each)
  • Weight: 300g (10.6 oz) (each shell)
  • Materials: pulp (recycled), polyester (fasteners)

Ordering the cat shell in double format would mean you get the complete shell, meaning two small cats can snuggle inside the cave, or one can go in and another on top. This is ideal if you have multiple cats (calling all crazy cat ladies), or if your cat enjoys the occasional sleepover.  The single version would be the bottom half, functioning as a bowl-like bed.

The shell bed is made of recycled pulp, which is a thoughtful feature in this day and age. It also looks easy to clean and portable, but it’s the bed’s simplistic but fun design that makes it stand out most.

The Cat Shell Pet Bed by Oppo is available from $70 at the Japan Trend Shop.

Also, on the funkier not so simplistic but ultra-cool side is the Pink Catillac Cat Play House we showed you last year.

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