Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne Bust

A retired Dark Knight becomes a teacher for the next generation of crimefighters with the Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne Bust. Batman finally found a foe he couldn’t beat when he went toe-to-toe with Father Time, but a few years, a lot of gray hair, and […]


Arkham Knight Batman Beyond Statue

The Dark Knight of the future enters a video game of today, resulting in the Arkham Knight Batman Beyond Statue. In the comics and animated TV series, Bruce Wayne retires from crime-fighting and eventually begins training Terry McGinnis as the Dark Knight of the future, […]


Batman Beyond T-Shirt

Bruce Wayne’s Batman gets a lot of geek-wear love, and there’s nothing wrong with that since he’s the original deal, but others have worn the mantle of the Bat, with another fan favorite stepping out of the shadows on the Batman Beyond T-Shirt. Teenager Terry […]