Sydney Opera House by LEGO

LEGO Sydney Opera House

One of the coolest examples of modern architecture on the planet is the Sydney Opera House and now you can build it with this LEGO Sydney Opera House set and display it on your desk. It’s interesting to see how it looks in LEGO compared […]

LEGO Architecture White House

LEGO Architecture – The White House

For those of you who’ve never managed to outgrow LEGOs, and who could blame you, there is a more sophisticated series called Lego Architecture that adds history, style and culture to the mix. Maybe you’ve seen the Fallingwater set by Lego Architecture featured a few weeks back on GeekAlerts. […]

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater 21005

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater

We all love LEGOs and the simplicity behind the basic building concept, not to mention that they usually come in some pretty cool themes like Star Wars and Disney Pixar Cars.  The LEGO Architecture Fallingwater is part of LEGOs age 16+ architect series that represents […]