Stoner City Board Game

Stoner City Board Game

We’ve been celebrating 420 day with products like the Pot Leaf Ice Cube Tray and the Marijuana T-Shirt. Here’s another: the Stoner City Board Game. The stereotype is that weed smokers lay around on the couch half asleep and not socializing with each other. Put that to rest by breaking out this game from Stonerware at your next gathering. It should turn the excitement up a notch giving you an enjoyable party atmosphere, because according to the reviews, “This game is SO much fun.”

Stoner City Board Game

Stoner City is the game of owners and stoners that makes you the head of your very own budding business. Buy, sell, grow, and trade all while trying to keep up with the growing demand for your…uh product. But it’s not all just dollars and sinsemilla. Being kicked out of your parent’s basement, getting busted by the man or going to rehab are just some of the hassles you’ll deal with as you make your way through the world of high finance. So, roll those bones and get ready to smoke the competition, because in STONER CITY – the player with the most weed is the winner indeed!

Buy the Stoner City Board Game at, and have some fun with your fellow ents.

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