Stink Yourself Slim Spray

Stink Yourself Slim Malodorant

It’s time to get seriously stinky with your plan to lose weight, and that means whipping out the Stink Yourself Slim Spray.

Forget about willpower and focus on nosepower to shed the pounds, with a spray that’s called ‘the world’s first malodorant aid to weight loss.’ Just in case you don’t want to hit Google for a definition, malodorant means “a chemical compound whose extreme stench acts as a temporary incapacitant.”

That’s right. The next time a midnight craving hits you, hit yourself with a stench that is so powerful that it makes your stomach just curl up and die. You’ll lose the weight, and numerous dining companions too, because I personally wouldn’t want to break bread with someone surrounded by a mist that could be defined as malodorant, or even stinky.

Stink Yourself Slim Spray

  • Quick and easy – one short spray, to keep your appetite at bay
  • Uses the olfactory (smell) sense to help curb bad eating habits
  • Works on brain areas that control motivation and behaviour
  • Cost effective – save money not buying too many treats
  • Targets emotional eating
  • Lose weight AND keep it off
  • Short acting smell with immediate effects
  • Non-invasive……non ingested, no pills to take

Stink Yourself Slim Spray is available for £29.99/$47.92 at

(via Red Ferret)

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