Jinx Removing Spray

Jinx Removing Spray

Are you experiencing a current wave of bad luck? Feeling a bit unlucky or jinxed as of late? Don’t worry and get your happy back by putting on a few spritzes of the Jinx Removing Spray. No guarantees if it’s going to be able to turn your luck around despite its name, but if you’re just having a bad case of the blues, then this will no doubt perk you up a little because of its novel nature.

The Jinx Removing Spray is described as having a musky scent, perfect for attracting love, luck, and a whole lot of wealth, don’t you think?

If you’re feeling dirty (not that kind of dirty), then you might want to splash on some of this Dirt Cologne. And for some out-of-this-world scents, try the Star Trek Colognes.

Jinx Removing Spray

Make bad luck a thing of the past with Jinx Removing Spray! Each bottle of fragrant potion has been magically formulated to allegedly remove jinxes, nullify hexes, and dispel curses. Good fortune is fickle, so keep this spray handy at all times in case misfortune tries to sneak up on you. Each 3-1/4″ tall x 3/4″ wide pump sprayer contains .17 oz of musk scented cologne.

The Jinx Removing Spray is available from McPhee for $7.57.

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