Cat Zodiac

Cat Zodiac Book

The Cat Zodiac Book is exactly what your cat has been waiting for. You’ll like it too. It is something you can do together. As you may or may not know, astrology applies to cats too. You can look up your kitten’s birthdate to check […]


Nikola Tesla Experimints

Nikola Tesla did a lot of experiments in his day, but none are as delicious as these Nikola Tesla Experimints. This tin is filled with tasty mints that will make your breath fresh. Tesla was a master of electricity. Now let him show you what […]


Stink Yourself Slim Spray

It’s time to get seriously stinky with your plan to lose weight, and that means whipping out the Stink Yourself Slim Spray. Forget about willpower and focus on nosepower to shed the pounds, with a spray that’s called ‘the world’s first malodorant aid to weight […]


Zombie Booger Candy

Zombies are nasty. They are dead, falling apart, rotting all over the place. Hey, at least their boogers make good candy. This Zombie Booger Candy looks like what you would expect, and it tastes great. In fact their Boogers are downright delicious. I wonder if […]