Star Trek Captain Kirk Mug

Star Trek Captain Kirk Coffee Mug

We all want to be the captain of our own enterprise, masters of our domains, and it’s probably all Captain Kirk’s fault for letting us believe we can. Unfortunately, rising to power and becoming a hero doesn’t happen overnight. It takes perseverance, elbow grease, risk-taking, and lots of coffee. The Star Trek Captain Kirk Mug will empower you to reach your goals as you live the mantra “Risk is our business” each and every day.

Star Trek fashion tip rule number one. People think that wearing a power suit means to wear a well-tailored, matching suit in black. That’s a bunch of rubbish, because Captain Kirk had it right all along. A stretchy, skin-tight shirt in mustard-yellow is what you need to wear if you really want to be taken seriously. When in “Rome” don’t do as the Romulans do. You’d have better luck with the Vulcans.

To boldly go where no tea-break has gone before! Relive the adventures of the original Star Trek crew with this collectable min mug, featuring the legendary Captain Kirk. It’s a mug, Jim, but not as we know it!

The Star Trek Captain Kirk Mug is £3.50 at Forbidden Planet.

Here are a couple other Trekkie mugs adorned with our heroes: the Star Trek Captain Kirk Delta Shield Mug and the Star Trek Transporter Mug.

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